Realization of cost savings

In times of economic hardship, 'saving' is the magic word and it is a spearhead for many organizations. Still, the low-hanging fruit often lingers for a long time. We see that many opportunities to realize immediate cost savings are being overlooked. While the advantage of cost savings is that these direct and complete contribute to profits. Even when you are dealing with a drop in sales, you can increase your profit by cutting costs. We see that many organizations have to deal with profit margins that are under pressure and have no insight into the spending pattern and savings potential. At the same time, they want to realize as much savings as possible in a short time and increase profits. But how do you approach this as effectively as possible?

Supply Value's no-cure no-pay cost savings program can help with this. We map out the savings potential, after which we can realize the savings in a very short time. We use our own Savings for Value method, with which we determine the most appropriate strategy for realizing cost savings for each specific situation. Supply Value thus guarantees a sustainable result in the short term.

How are we going to realize cost savings for you?

Short-term savings are achieved through the following steps:

Cost reduction

Supply Value only charges costs if pre-agreed savings have actually been realised. This also means, for example, if there is a “No-Cure” situation, you will not be charged any costs.

Realize cost savings in three phases
We use three savings phases to realize cost savings. In order to determine which savings belong to which phase, we map out the product/service complexity in the organization and determine the offer in the market. This is shown visually in the figure below. Supply Value distinguishes between the following three phases:

Complexity offer

  • Phase 1 (1 to 3 months): This concerns homogeneous and simplistic products and services within the organization. There is a wide range in the market. Within this category, relatively quickly
    savings are achieved.
  • Phase 2 (3 to 5 months): This concerns the more risky and advanced products and services within the organization. There is some variation in requirements, with sufficient supply in the market.
  • Phase 3 (> 5 months): In the final phase, we get to work with products and services with the most complexity within the organization. There are specific requirements and there is a limited supply in the market.

Realization of cost savings
With our approach we ensure that savings are realized with the right strategy. We map out the savings potential and after agreement and approval we start realizing cost savings with a team of experienced consultants. The consultants do this with a focus on achieving high quality and sustainable results. Because cost savings directly and fully contribute to the result, this will have a visible impact in the short term. In addition, the financial risk for you is limited due to the no-cure no-pay principle.

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