Procurement as a Service (PaaS)

Purchasing has many challenges: attracting talent, making the purchasing chain future-proof and creating insight into your purchasing expenditure and/or contracts. All this in addition to carrying out purchasing processes. For example, we regularly visit organizations that are unable to perform certain analyzes due to a lack of resources, have few available specialized personnel and have insufficient structure in the purchase of goods or services. How do you ensure that your purchasing department continues to deliver added value? Supply Value's Procurement as a Service (PaaS) helps you to create value across the entire chain.

PaaS is the outsourcing of different dimensions of the purchasing process, so that you can focus on your core business. We can help you with the entire process: from translation of the organizational strategy to your purchasing strategy to managing and executing contract management. We take into account the frameworks, processes and procedures. By bundling purchasing volumes, our expertise in the field and our way of working, we create value for your organization.

Added value through bundling, expertise and innovation

Our consultants are experienced in advising (public) organizations in the field of purchasing. We do this with a pragmatic approach, based on our in-depth market knowledge, hands-on experiences, best practices and proven methods and tools. We act according to the long-term goals of your organization, so you can make informed decisions in the field of purchasing and the input of our consultants directly contributes to the growth of your organization. We do this with the help of three core components:

  1. Volume bundling
    • Request bundling in the market with different customers on standard products without specific requirements
    • Realizing a better contract terms and conditions
  1. Expertise
    • specific expertise in the domains Marketing, HRM, ICT, Facilities
    • Templates and tools making processes more efficient and effective
  1. Innovation
    • Innovation to reduce costs per purchasing process, quality to increase and risks to avoid. Through own methods such as Value Sprint IT, Value Contract Management and IT Value Sourcing model
    • Developer of “tender in 10 days” (market average 3-9 months for comparable tenders).
tender 10 days

Tender in 10 days: our approach

Supply Value helps you with..

Supply Value brings with it expertise regarding design issues of the purchasing process and implementation of purchasing strategies. By adopting a transparent approach, it is clear to you what the advice and intended results are. Within PaaS, the following services are offered (separately):

  • Strategy determination as a service: Creating insight into the organization-wide strategy and the translation of this to purchasing. By drawing up an OGSM, we ensure that the business strategy is translated into purchasing objectives. We also help you with later changes or adjustments to the translation of the strategy.
  • Spend analysis as a service: We create insight into your purchasing expenses by analyzing all purchasing expenses of your organization, looking for opportunities for improvement and monitoring progress with our dashboards. Whether we do this on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis is up to you!
  • Contract management as a service: In addition to creating insight into the current contracts, we also take care of the management of the contracts so that you create maximum value during the entire cycle of your contracts.
  • Supplier management as a service: Just like for the current contracts, we map out the suppliers and maintain the relationships. We create optimal value for you through the right selection of and cooperation with suppliers.
  • Category management as a service: A project-based approach to the category management process aligned with your business strategy. In line with the strategy and spending pattern, we draw up category plans and keep them up-to-date.
  • Reporting as a service: We periodically report using a dashboard on the progress of our services, the savings achieved and (process) improvements within your company.

Are you interested in (one of the components of) Procurement as a Service and would you like to receive more information? Then take it completely without obligation contact with us! Or make it right an appointment with one of our experts.