MSU Purchasing Model

Are you curious about how professional your purchasing organization is? Do you want to know which concrete steps you need to take to improve your purchasing activities? Then a purchase maturity survey (MSU audit) is something for your organization.

MSU Purchasing Model

In 1993, Mr. Monzcka research at Michigan State University (MSU) to map the best way of purchasing and supplier management. As a result of this research, Monzcka came up with eight strategic and six supporting processes for purchasing and supplier management, called the MSU procurement model.

The MSU purchasing model

Using the MSU purchasing model, the maturity level of the purchasing function can be determined and organizations can compare with the level of the best in the world. On the basis of the maturity measurement, improvement paths can be defined to further professionalise the purchasing function. The model also stimulates the exchange of best practices within the organization and / or beyond. Finally, the model also contributes to a common 'language'.

The MSU purchasing model is an integral framework of eight main processes in the field of purchasing and supply management and six supporting processes, which together give a picture of 'Purchasing Excellence'. For each of the total of fourteen processes, assessment criteria developed, levels of maturity have been described (from level 1 to level 10). If the process does not apply to the relevant organization or the relevant organizational unit, then a score of 0. With the help of these criteria one can score the own organization and make a comparison with the so-called. 'best in class' for that process (= level 10).

It is of great importance that the user of the model realizes that the focus does not (always) have to be at level 10. It is clear that one process is more important for an organization than the other. This also differs in time. Organizations will therefore have to determine which of the 14 processes they want to focus on and which level of maturity they want to achieve. For the other processes, it is then not important how high a score is scored.

The traditional MSU purchasing model is aimed at the private sector. The MSU + model is the standard for the Dutch public sector. The MSU + model was revised at the end of 2013 and adapted to the latest developments, such as sustainability and the new Public Procurement Act. In addition, improvements were made with regard to the presentation of the results, the presentation of improvements and the drawing up of an action plan. This new model is also called the MSU ++ model.

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