Create more value with less costs!

The term “value” is often a catch-all term for many. What is meant by value? And how can organizations create more value in certain but also uncertain times? We see that many organizations have to deal with insufficient structure in the purchase of goods or services. They often have little insight into the processes, bottlenecks and possible improvements. In addition, there is often no insight into the spending pattern and savings potential. While with process improvements and insight into the spending pattern cost savings, risk reduction and value creation can be realized.

With proven methods, Supply Value can help realize more value within a short time. We realize cost savings by first mapping out process improvements and then creating insight into purchasing expenditure. For both steps, the potential savings are mapped out and realized in a very short time. We use our own Professional Procurement model and Savings for Value method, with which we determine the most appropriate strategy for each specific situation for realizing cost savings and setting up processes. Supply Value thus guarantees a sustainable result in the short term.

Mapping process improvements

The Professional Procurement model is used as the basis for process improvements.

First of all, we map out the current processes and identify the bottlenecks. With the help of process improvements, savings are realized and risks are reduced. By optimally structuring the processes, we create more value at lower costs. Process improvements, risk reductions and savings are realized in line with the policy and the strategy from the organization.

Provide insight into purchasing expenses
With the help of our Savings for Value method, purchasing expenditure is made transparent, we map out the savings potential and realize the cost savings. The following steps are taken for this:

  • Spend and contract analyses
    We create insight into the spend by analyzing contracts and all purchasing expenses of your organization
  • Benchmark
    With benchmarking we compare your processes and costs with similar companies to improve our own processes and thus realize cost savings
  • An overview of the savings potential
    The insights from the spend and contract analyzes are used to determine the savings potential
  • Realization of cost savings
    Together with the stakeholders involved, we draw up the most appropriate strategy for realizing the cost savings. We then realize the savings for you with a concrete action plan
  • A reporting dashboard
    With our dashboard, the concrete cost savings are monitored and progress is tracked

Deliverables Supply Value: More than just cost reduction
In line with your organizational policy and strategy, we realize cost savings by analyzing your purchasing expenditure and structuring processes as optimally as possible. We take into account organizational objectives, value creation and risk reduction. We do this with a business case based on expected investments, benefits and payback times and a concrete action plan to create more value for you with less costs. We work with experienced experts, our methods, templates and tools. As a result, we deliver direct impact: savings and more value in less time.

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