Tender in 10 days

We regularly meet public organizations that take months to prepare specifications for their tenders, especially when it comes to complex services or products or when many stakeholders are involved. This not only leads to unnecessarily high costs (just think of overheads) and long lead times, but also to illegality (people look for shortcuts) and to poor quality (without focus, half the work is done). We recently helped a ZBO, Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport and a municipality with the tendering in 10 days methodology. The municipality had been working for nine months on a program of requirements for purchasing data center services. There was a program of requirements that was not complete, not consistent and not concrete. By using our tender in 10 days methodology, we helped to carry out a tender within a very short time!  

A lengthy specification phase leads to high overhead costs, loss of energy, risk of inconsistencies and unnecessarily long waiting times. It is time to put an end to all this waste, so Supply Value has used its innovative strength to realize a tender for you within a very short time, with the focus on higher quality. We focus on three key elements to achieve this: the tendering team, processes and tools & methods.

1. The tender team 

The first part concerns the team with which you works. It is important to have a dedicated team that is empowered to make decisions. By committed we also mean really committed: nothing else should be on the agenda during those 10 days. But what is now the best team composition? This may differ per tender, but for each tender it is key to create a multidisciplinary team to decorate. Think of a team with for example the next one experts: the contractor, procurementdepartment, contract and supplier management, legal affairs and the right experts from the business. In addition, you will also see at least two facilitators in the team: a process supervisor and a process supporter. It is important to take into account the fact that this team will be in one room for 10 days and will work together very intensively., or from home via a digital work environment. A good balance is therefore crucial in this process. We can you advisehonor about the right one team building and how to create a good can stimulate balance and cooperation during those 10 days. In addition, we can you advise on the most effective online tools to facilitate this process also digital successful off to can round.   


2. Procesmapping and accelerating 

Mapping the current procurementprocess is a second important step to save time. WTogether we look at how we can speed up the process. We do this by provide insight into the bottlenecks and possibilities of the current process. By tackling the bottlenecks and take advantage of new opportunities the desired situation mapped. Availability of example of a possible The bottleneck is decision-making. Making decisions is one of the reasons why the preparation of a tender often takes a lot of time. Many decisions have to be made during a tender process. And those decisions also have to be made revised and approved by various people in the organizationd turn into. By this method is going a document often throughout the organization. Together with you we map out the possibilities and tackle the bottlenecks in the tenderprocess. 


3. Tools, methos and techniques  

The third way you can save time is by using the Value Sprint methic. This method was developed by Supply Value and consists of an iterative process, with which you can achieve time savings via two components. First of all, the Value Sprint method enables you to empathize with the thoughts and expectations of your customers and stakeholders. Second, this method allows you to test short-cycle and evaluate whether the decisions you make and the results you deliver align with their expectations. In this way you prevent decisions being made and elaborated that later turn out not to meet the expectations of your customers and stakeholders.  

Process Value Sprint Method

The traditional way of tendering, where people sit around the table to sit to discuss wishes and requirements does not work in this situation. Instead we use various interactive methods. In this way is becoming the right information and knowledge brought to the surface and discussed. The Value Sprint method is often used with other Supply Value tools e.gexample het IT Value Sourcing fashion model when your tender is related to IT. With this model, Op map all objectives, requirements and wishes for IT procurement in a standardized manner brought.

Another example is it Value Contract Management model. This model represents the purchasing process and brings together success factors from different methodologies, these can be applied during the right phase of the process and ensure a successful purchasing process.

In addition to the methods and tools mentioned, we use a number of techniques to stimulate good cooperation and to successfully complete the process together. Think of various interactive work forms with out-of-the-box assignments and energizers that are used in between to create the right balance between collaboration and producing documents.

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