IT Trends Survey 2023-2024

Every year, Supply Value conducts the IT Trend Survey . In this survey, we investigate professionals working in or with IT in the Netherlands to find out what they expect the IT trends to be in 2024. We not only identify these trends but also explore their relevant applications within ICT and their impact on businesses. The goal of this research is to support information management and technology professionals in setting priorities and determining the right focus. You can also participate in this year's IT Trend Survey (click here to access the survey) .

Last year, Security Awareness proved to be the most significant IT trend of the year. Respondents emphasized that it is crucial to eliminate as many vulnerabilities as possible and ensure a robust continuity of IT to safeguard the organization. The top-3 was completed by the trends Data-driven decision-making and Business Intelligence. Interestingly, these top three trends can have a significant influence on each other. With the help of Business Intelligence, Data-driven decision-making can further advance, but without Security Awareness, the risks associated with Data-driven decision-making and Business Intelligence are substantial.

The IT Trends Study will be conducted again this year by Supply Value and Computable is curious whether other IT trends such as AI-based chatbots, data ethics & regulations, and digital leadership will gain popularity this year. So, participate in the survey here for the IT Trends Study. The survey will take about 5-10 minutes to complete, and answers will be treated confidentially; the survey can also be filled out anonymously. If you participate in our IT Trends Study, you will receive the research report free of charge. We are also looking for interested individuals to conduct in-depth interviews about upcoming IT trends. It is an excellent opportunity to highlight a current topic of interest to you and/or showcase your experience. . If you are interested, please let us know in the survey.

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Are you curious about last year's results? Check out the key trends from last year or download the full research report .

More information

For more information or questions about the IT Trends Study, you can contact Renée van Poppel, consultant at Supply Value, at or 06 25 16 86 47.