IT Trends Survey 2022

The questionnaire is closed. Check back later for the publication of the IT Trends Report 2022.

Every year Supply Value carries out the IT Trends Survey. In this we investigate among professionals working in or with IT in the Netherlands what they expect and what the IT trends will be for the coming year. We not only map out which trends these are, but also which applications are relevant within IT and what the impact is on the business. The purpose of this research is to support information management and technology professionals in prioritizing and determining the right focus. You can do it again this year participate in the IT Trends Survey. 

Last year, cyber and data security turned out to be the most important IT trend of the year, followed by the cloud and the data domain. After the worldwide outbreak of COVID-19, the importance of working safely, regardless of location, was clearly recognizable in the results. Cyber and data security was ranked among the top 3 most important trends by more than 86 percent of respondents, taking the lead from the data domain. Another notable development was the rise of the cloud to the top-3. Although respondents considered the data domain slightly more important, cloud was given more priority. 

The IT Trends Survey will be conducted again this year and we are curious whether other IT trends such as 5G, quantum computing and the cloud will take over in popularity. So participate in the IT Trends Survey! Completing the survey will take approximately five minutes. Answers will be treated confidentially, the survey can also be completed anonymously. Participants can receive the research report free of charge. 

Are you curious about last year's results? Check out the key trends from last year or download the full research report .

More information

For more information or questions about the IT Trends Survey, please contact Jurriaan Vogel, consultant at Supply Value, at: or 06 11 28 54 66.