Article Procurement trends Belgium 2015 in VIB Magazine

VIB Magazine frontSupply Value has, as in previous years, carried out research into the most important trends and developments within the purchasing discipline for the coming year. In addition to analysis of global purchasing trends, Supply Value also investigated the purchasing trends in Belgium. The results are published in the VIB Magazine of the Belgian Association of Purchasing and Business Logistics (VIB) who cooperated as a research partner on the Purchasing Trends 2015 study. This article zooms in on the Belgian respondents to the Inkooptrends research and briefly referred to the international outcomes. 

The survey shows the following top 3 purchasing trends for the year 2015 specifically among the Belgian respondents:

Top 3 purchasing trends Belgium 2015:

  1. More need for flexibility
  2. Better alignment with the business (strategy)
  3. Procurement closer to the business

Top 3 procurement trends worldwide:

  1. More attention for chain optimization
  2. More focus on cost savings
  3. More need for flexibility

Download the full article published in the below VIB Magazine. You will find the international results here to.