Purchasing trends 2013

Supply Value carried out research into the most important procurement trends within the Dutch top sectors in 2013. A total of nearly ninety organizations participated in this study. Trends that emerge are Best Value Procurement (BVP), supplier development and the importance of Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). However, cost-cutting as a purchasing trend for 2013 in the top sectors is clearly in line with one. As is the focus on innovation in economic heyday, the focus is on cost reduction and control in more severe times.

Top 10 trends

The top 10 Purchasing Trends 2013 that emerge from this research are:
1. More cost savings
2. More risk management
3. Greater need for flexibility
4. Optimization of finances in the supply chain
5. Stronger need for transparency
6. Shift from focus on costs to value
7. Increase early supplier involvement
8. Increased joint purchasing
9. More Vendor Management Inventory
10. Further Time to Market reduction

More information about this research?

Two articles about this research have been published at inkoperscafe.nl:
What are the purchasing trends for 2013? (Part 1)
What are the purchasing trends for 2013? (part 2)
In these articles you can read more about the explanation of the most important trends, the differences between the top sectors, and about the professionalism and the development of purchasing (based on the purchasing maturity model of Keough).

Better times in 2013?

The majority of the 90 organizations expect better times this year. In order to set up a rising line with your purchasing department this year, taking stock of cost savings, introducing LEAN and improving your cooperation with your suppliers are a few possibilities. In order to map points for improvement in the cooperation with your suppliers, Supply Value has the Supplier Survey. click here For more information.