Procurement professionalisation

Has your organization optimized its procurement processes? Has the procurement process been organized quickly and lean? Is your organization happy with the execution of the procurement process? And the procurement process is effectively supported by E-procurement tools? These are questions that you should ask yourself to see if there are opportunities to further improve your procurement process.

Support with your procurement professionalization

As a specialist in procurement and contract management, Supply Value advises and supports procurement expertise. Supply Value helps organizations not only to find improvement potential, but also to implement the solution. We combine our knowledge and experience of procurement processes, change management and E-Procurement to optimize your procurement process.

Our approach

Supply Value determines together with you what you want to achieve and how you can ensure that you can reduce risks and costs and create added value. We believe it is important that your procurement goals are in line with your organizational strategy.

Supply Value has developed a standard approach that consists of the following steps:

  • Analyze the situation and identify complications;
  • Develop a vision;
  • Design the solution;
  • Implement the solution;
  • Improve continuously.

Depending on your needs, Supply Value can help your organization by giving advice, supervising the execution, training your employees or carrying out the entire process.

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