Procurement performance measurement

Do you want to know how the procurement department performs? Are you curious about how your environment assesses the procurement function? Focus procurement on the right priorities? Do you wonder what opportunities important stakeholders see for you? Then the 360 ° procurement performance measurement of Supply Value is something for your organization!

What is the Supply Value 360 ° Procurement Performance Measurement?

With the 360° procurement performance measurement you measure the performance of your procurement department according to your most important stakeholders. The 360° procurement performance measurement has been realized in collaboration with the Arnhem University of Applied Sciences and based on current scientific literature and practical insights from procurement managers. The performance measurement consists of a web-enabled questionnaire among the internal customer, suppliers, employees of the procurement department and the management of your organization.

Each stakeholder receives a questionnaire tailored to him/her. In this way, the procurement performance is measured on the basis of a 360° feedback model. The completion takes a maximum of 10 minutes of your stakeholder's time.

The figure below shows in which components the 360° procurement performance measurement consists:

360 degree purchase performance measurement

Advantages of 360° procurement performance measurement:

  • Insight into the performance of the procurement department;
  • Specific recommendations and improvement tips;
  • Insight into your own strengths and weaknesses;
  • Insight into your opportunities and threats;
  • Beneficial by using standard questions;
  • Can be used directly;
  • Based on theory, validated in practice;
  • Add organization-specific research areas as possible;
  • Adapt to your own visual identity.

Customer assessment of the 360° procurement performance measurement

For PGI Nonwovens Supply Value carried out the 360° procurement performance measurement to gain insight into the performance of procurement according to their most important stakeholders (Management Team, internal customer and suppliers).

The results of the procurement performance measurement show whether the perspectives of all stakeholders are equal and what the strengths and weaknesses of the procurement organization are according to these stakeholders. This has resulted in specific recommendations and insight into the core competencies of the procurement organization. After this, various actions were taken to further elaborate and implement the proposed improvement suggestions.

PGI Nonwovens reaction: "In 2008, a comparable procurement performance measurement was carried out for the first time. It was good to see that an improvement was implemented in 3 years time. The 360° measurement of Supply Value in 2011 also revealed a number of new pain points. We have taken the specific recommendations and we are currently working on implementing them. The 360° procurement performance measurement helped PGI to further professionalise its procurement department. "

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