Procurement outsourcing

Are you looking for an organization that has the complete purchase take your organization off your hands and make it successful? Are you looking for a partner who successfully carries out one or more procurement processes from start to finish for you? Then you are at the right address at Supply Value!

What is outsourcing?

Outsourcing is the process by which an organization outsources tasks (eg purchasing tasks) to a specialized external party. This mainly concerns the outsourcing of 'non-core tasks'.

Benefits of outsourcing:

There are several reasons for outsourcing tasks to an external party:

  • Efficiency advantage. The external party is a specialist on the outsourced task, and can therefore perform the task in less time at a lower cost. Especially in small organizations, it pays to outsource 'non-core' tasks, since it is not realistic for them to perform all tasks efficiently independently;
  • Focus on core activities. By outsourcing 'non-core tasks' your organization has more resources, such as time, available for other aspects. You can think of the further development of the core activities of your organization;
  • Flexibility in up-and-down. By outsourcing the purchase task to an external party, you can speed up or down the outsourced tasks. After all, the external party has a base with a variety of expertise, which can be deployed flexibly. It is difficult to quickly and upscale in your own organization.

Why outsource purchasing to Supply Value?

The consultants of Supply Value add value. All purchasers of Supply Value are university graduates, supplemented with relevant purchasing training programs such as NEVI and procurement law, and are among the top researchers of the WO benchmark (measured with assessments). By using proven methods and templates from our knowledge base, they work up to 80% faster than normal in the industry. In this way they realize an ideal relationship between adding value, reducing costs and lowering your risks. Supply Value scored 8.6 in satisfaction last year and the average was 8.4 in the past 3 years. This with customers in the public and private sector. Finally, Supply Value has a well-designed quality system, which is certified with ISO9001: 2015. In short, Supply Value is the organization where you can outsource the purchase (or part thereof) with confidence!


Supply Value has a thorough working method in procurement outsourcing, which consists of the following general steps:

  1. To prepare. Drafting a plan of approach and preparation.
  2. Analysis. Our purchasing team carries out an internal and external analysis.
  3. draw up purchasing strategy. Based on the internal and external analysis, our procurement team determines the purchasing strategy.
  4. draw up from purchasing documents: drawing up the request for quotation / request for proposal (RFP).
  5. Guiding procurement process. The purchasing process is carried out by our team.
  6. Assessment and award. Our purchasing team provides guidance and support for assessing the quotations.
  7. Complete dossier, lessons-learned preparation and transfer. After final award, our team completes the file and prepares the lessons learned.
  8. Evaluation. The tendering process is evaluated with the client and the employees involved.

Depending on the route, the step-by-step plan is tailor-made.

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