In seven steps forward to a successful sustainability of the Supply Chain

Organizations are increasingly held liable for abuses that take place outside their organization, but within their supply chain. Examples include child labor, environmental pollution, and exploitation of employees. This trend increases the importance of sustainability in the supply chain for the organizations that operate at the end of the chain. But how do you ensure that this sustainability is successful? And what are the steps to realize sustainability within the supply chain?

Research Supply Value

Supply Value has recently researched this. On the basis of interviews, we investigated how an organization can successfully implement sustainability within the supply chain


The research shows that successful sustainability takes place in 7 steps.

Each step has a specific focus in which both internal and external factors are important.

Do you also want to know the battle with the sustainability of your supply chain?

Download below free of charge the full article in which the specific steps in an implementation plan are described and the results are explained in more detail.

Jeroen Blankestijn- Consultant Supply Value -