In 5 steps to a clear annual plan on 1 page!

Is your agenda already full of "strategic hey sessions", "dot on the horizon" or just with the reminder "annual plan writing"?

Almost every organization writes a plan for the coming year before the turn of the year, with the intention that these plans form a guideline for the organization and to realize its strategic objectives. In many cases, however, drawing up such a plan does not lead to the desired result, as a result of which the plan disappears into the background during the year and gives way to the issues of the day. Where did it go wrong?

Was the plan well communicated to all layers and departments in the organization? Did the plan contain any points of reference for all these layers and departments at all? Or was it too abstract and strategic? Was the plan too extensive, which discouraged the reader? Did the plan lay a clear connection between objective, approach and ultimately action?

We notice that many directors, directors and managers need an annual plan that clearly shows what will happen next year to realize the strategic objectives. The following points of interest play a major role in this:

  • Strategic objectives are made smart, translated into objectives lower in the organization and clearly communicated.
  • It is clear which steps will actually be taken to achieve the organizational objectives.
  • There must be a clear link with the budget.
  • The interests of stakeholders have an explicit place in the annual plan.
  • The annual plan is flexible and can be adjusted during the year on the basis of a dashboard (action KPIs and an action plan)

One way to meet all these conditions is based on the OGSM method. We show you in 5 steps how to prepare a well-organized annual plan on just one page.

Objective, Goals, Strategies and Measures (OGSM)
The OGSM method (Objective, Goals, Strategies and Measures) makes it possible to write an annual plan on the basis of the long-term strategy that has been established by the organization. This annual plan can also be translated to all underlying levels in the organization: we call this cascading. As a result, each department automatically contributes to the above-mentioned organizational objectives by achieving its goals and you, as a director or director, see at a glance how the underlying departments contribute to the total.

Despite the fact that vision and strategy remain unchanged, OGSM offers the possibility to easily adjust the prioritization of the annual plan. In this way you can deal flexibly with the political-administrative influences that often have to be dealt with.

We offer you the right tools to use OGSM as a SMART, action-oriented and flexible method for drawing up and implementing your annual plan.

De OGSM methode wordt de afgelopen jaren veel gebruikt in grote organisaties in binnen- en buitenland zoals, P&G, NS, Ministerie van Onderwijs, Cultuur en Wetenschap (OCW), Endemol en KPN.

Supply Value has introduced this method to various organizations where this method is also "Lots of management fun on 1A4" was named. We notice that with this method the majority of the directors are provided with the requirements they set for making an annual plan.

Would you like to know more about how OGSM can help you with drawing up your annual plan? Do you want to draw up an annual plan and carry out the entire organization during the year? Would you like to be able to measure the progress of your annual plan and adjust it in structured governance?

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