Performance management

Our professionals are happy to help you implement your strategy and realize your objectives by making that strategy concrete and measurable, optimizing processes and working on project improvements, innovations and innovations. We also provide support among your employees and chain partners so that your goals can be realized as quickly as possible at minimum effort and risk. Through our unique approach based on thinking ,. We deliver sustainable results and support.

Strategy execution

Operationalize the strategy

Our interim managers have extensive experience in the field and have been trained in university education. They help you draw up and implement your strategy by translating it into concrete goals per business unit, department, team and individual. Here we use, among other things, our Strategy Execution Framework.

Process design and optimization

We supply business analysts, process managers, lean specialists, data specialists and business architects who help you to streamline your processes in line with your objectives using proven methods and techniques and the latest technology such as robotic process automation (RPA), artifical intelligence, smart dashboards and apps. We help you design and set up your processes in line with your objectives, (continuous) improvement, innovation and innovation so that you can achieve maximum results with the resources and employees you have at minimum cost, lead time and risk. Our interim managers have been trained in LEAN, Six Sigma, Processmining, Data-driven Improvement, Group Model Building.

Organization, consultation and reporting structure

Our interim manager set up an agile organization, reporting and consultation structure with which you organize the tasks in a logical manner and you continuously measure whether the desired results are delivered so that you can adjust where necessary and can respond to the changing wishes of the customer. .

We help you set up the right organization and formation, writing and executing strategic personnel plans, setting up dashboards, reports and consultation structures and meeting coaching.

Portfolio, program and project management

Realizing strategy does not stop at attractive plans but requires a programmatic approach, especially on the "change" component. Good portfolio, program and project management is then essential.

Improvement, innovation and innovation are generally designed in a programmatic manner, but how do you keep an overview and grip on the business case and ensure that your resources and employees work on the right things? How do you go through the plan-do-check-act cycle for your change agenda in a structural way? We help you with the organization and execution of portfolio, program and project management.

We work on the basis of waterfall methods such as PRINCE2, MSP, PMW, PMBOK (IPMA) and on the basis of more agile methods such as SAFe, SCRUM, RUP, DSDM.

Change management

Managing the change well is essential for achieving your business objectives. People make the difference, that applies in almost all organizations where we come. Through a thorough stakeholder analysis and concrete change plan, we enable you to involve your employees and partners in improvement, innovation and innovation projects in a structured way. This encourages the change and prevents unnecessary resistance when drawing up, disseminating and realizing your strategy. Whether it concerns your suppliers, management, employees, the Works Council, trade unions or shareholders, we are happy to help you set up a suitable change strategy. We use 20 years of experience in the field and practical models such as ADKAR, Kotter, Lewin, color theory and our own Change Management Framework.

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