Category manager

Are you looking for a method to purchase products as smartly and efficiently as possible? Do you want to further professionalize your purchasing? Develop new purchasing strategies per purchasing category? Or do you want to get more profit from your purchasing activities? Then setting up category management is something for your organization. Our category managers can help you with this!

Our approach

We help you analyze the market, the demand from the internal customer and the possibilities to save costs and create value. Together with you we develop a category classification and a step-by-step plan with which you can realize savings. Depending on your needs, Supply Value can help your organization by giving advice, supervising the execution, training your employees or carrying out the entire process.

When structuring category management, we take into account the size, objectives, available capacity and knowledge of your organization. During the execution we use various methods and techniques such as: Lean, Kraljic portfolio analysis, Spend analysis, change management, standardized interviews, confrontational workshops, simulations and demos. This ensures optimal results. Depending on the assignment and environment, the duration of the assignment varies from a few days to a few months. Afterwards, the entire process is evaluated and it is checked whether the expectations have been met.

Benefits of category management

Category management can be of great benefit to your organization, below a short overview of the most important advantages:

  • Better purchasing position on the market

    by demand bundling

  • Building market knowledge and expertise

    by specialization

  • More strategic opportunities

    to cooperation with suppliers

  • Clearer face of purchasing

    within your organization

  • Less administrative actions

  • More insight into the expenses

    your organization

Our category managers

We have experienced category managers who are happy to help your organization with the optimal organization, execution and / or improvement of category management. In doing so, we use our knowledge and experience of purchasing, change management and organizational design.

Are you interested or do you want to know more about Supply Value? Then contact us.