The history of Supply Value goes back to the year 1999. In that year we started doing business (part-time).

Below we have listed the most important events in our history:

  • 2007

    Start of Supply Value as a consultancy organization in the field of project and process management.

  • 2008

    The first employee joins Supply Value, the business focusses on ICT and procurement advice

  • 2009

    Start of the Supply Talent procurement traineeship, introduction of a new name: 'Supply Value' and focus on procurement advice

  • 2014

    ISO 9001 certification for our business processes

  • 2016

    Further strengthening our Supply Chain and Performance Management services

  • 2017

    Celebration of our 10th anniversary and start of information management & digital services

  • 2018

    Winner FD Gazelle Award

  • 2019

    Winner FD Gazelle Award (second place)

  • 2020

    12.5 year anniversary

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