Chain collaboration, what are the success factors, what not to do and a case study for the North South Line.

One of the essential factors that ensure that established performance targets are achieved is the collaboration with your chain partners. In this insight, we explain, substantiated with theory and a case of the North/South line, why chain cooperation leads to success and how you can subconsciously sabotage this cooperation.

At the beginning of 2018, the implementation of the North/South line in Amsterdam was in full swing. There was a lot of testing and practice on the new Amsterdam metro line, which would connect Amsterdam North with Amsterdam South. The introduction date of July 22, 2018 was quickly approaching. The entire Amsterdam public transport system worked together to get the metro line operational. The transport company GVB and the owner of the infrastructure, the Metro and Tram service of the Municipality of Amsterdam (MeT), aroused the need to look at the implementation of the North/South line from one integral perspective and in this way to ensure that the operational performance from day one would be good.

Chain collaboration leads to success

Do you want to improve your logistics performance? What are important elements that your logistics organization should apply with regard to chain cooperation? What needs to be done step by step to grow as an organization as efficiently and effectively as possible? Supply Value has researched this and is happy to help you.

How do I sabotage the collaboration in my chain?

At Supply Value, our mission is to improve the world sustainably by making organizations work together smarter. We are convinced that results that are unattainable for an individual will be surpassed when you work together. This applies not only to individuals, but also to organizations. However, good cooperation between organizations is very difficult to achieve. In practice, we see that organizations encounter various barriers that hinder cooperation with their chain partners. In this insight, we will discuss which barriers we see most often, and what your organization can do to remove these barriers. In this way we help you to recognize, prevent and remedy the way in which effective collaboration can be sabotaged.


Curious about the elaboration of the three theories, a case of the North/South line and more? Then read here the whole article.

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