Frequently asked questions - Associates

On this page, frequently asked questions are answered as well as possible. If you have another question that is not listed here and that is not answered in the other pages, please feel free to contact us via

This is only possible if this assignment runs via Supply Value.

Yes of course. You will receive an appropriate reward for every assignment you submit for yourself or a colleague.

Yes that is allowed. You can apply for a role as an associate at any time.

Contact us for the specific conditions or apply as an associate and we will discuss the contract extensively with you anyway.

Please contact us for the specific rate conditions, or register as an associate and we will discuss the contract and the rates with you in any case.

No, as an associate the travel costs for your own account are just like the costs for a laptop or mobile phone. You can, however, make use of our contracts for purchasing these facilities where possible.

Yes, of course, for a number of frequently used items you can benefit from the conditions we have agreed upon.