Participate in Supply Value's 2020 job and salary survey for information management!

In 2018, we introduced our job and salary survey among information management professionals. This research provided valuable insights into job profiles, employment conditions and work experience within information management. As a result of Covid19, we see many questions and doubts among information management professionals about their position in the labor market. In addition, in these uncertain times, employers are focusing extra on recruiting and especially retaining new professionals. Through this survey we offer both groups insight into the current status of the labor market.  

Are you curious which job titles are available for your position? Would you like to know whether your salary corresponds to that of others in the same position? And are you curious about the influence of work experience or education level on your position and salary? Then participate in our survey here and receive the research report free of charge!

Job and salary survey 2020 

Filling in the questionnaire takes a maximum of 10 minutes and the questionnaire is available up to and including 21 February 2021. After the investigation, you will receive the entire investigation report free of charge. 

Job and salary survey 2018 

Are you curious about the results of 2018? Check it out here. 

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For more information or questions about the research, please contact Daan Boele van Hensbroek, consultant at Supply Value, via