Food commodity procurement & risk management

Supply Value carried out research into food commodity procurement & risk management.

Risk management

Purchasing departments of food processing organizations are faced with volatile prices. The challenge of securing sufficient raw materials of the right quality at a suitable price is therefore becoming ever greater. This requires a strategic approach. Food processing organizations must consciously deal with risk management when purchasing agricultural raw materials. This is evident from theoretical research and interviews with eleven food experts and procurement professionals of agricultural raw materials.

Research report

In the study, the causes of price volatility were mapped, as were the trends in the food market. Finally, Supply Value has drawn up risk management measures and has developed a plan that allows organizations to select risk strategies that are most relevant to them.

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Supply Chain Magazine

Professional magazine Supply Chain Magazine published an article about this research in the October issue of 2014.

'Risk management is the application of structure in coincidence", says Mosselman. As a result of extensive theoretical research and discussions with eleven food experts and procurement professionals of food commodities, Mosselman analyzed how risks can be effectively managed.

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