E-procurement, a journey with pitfalls

Supply Value did research into the optimization of the purchase 2 pay (P2P) procurement process by introducing E-procurement and describes the implementation of E-procurement as a journey: the final destination is beautiful, but the road to it is often bumpy.

Purchasing trade magazine Deal published the article about this research in the September issue of 2013.

E-procurement, a journey with pitfalls

The business case for the optimization of purchasing processes using e-procurement is often conclusive on paper. However, the practice is stubborn. Experience expert Jesper de Wit describes the implementation as a journey in four steps and explains the pitfalls.

A journey starts with determining the final destination. With e-procurement, it starts with the business case. This is easy to make and is almost always positive for medium-sized and large organizations. E-procurement means a significant reduction of labor-intensive activities, shorter turnaround times and insight through reports on who, when, what, from whom and for how much. In practice, however, it regularly appears that both the journey and the realization of the business case that is so beautiful is disappointing.

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