Tendering lawyer

Are you looking for a tender lawyer? Do you want legal support when executing a tender? Or do you want assistance with drafting and / or testing tender documents? Then we will gladly help you. Supply Value has built up a good network of tender experts and can therefore find the right candidate for you.

Our tender lawyers

Our tender lawyers have complemented legal training with training in the field of European tenders. They can act independently as a lawyer / project leader of complex European tenders. Our approach is aimed at giving practical and useful advice and guiding and supporting contracting services. We combine our procurement knowledge and experience with that of the procurement lawyer.

Benefits for your organization

The use of a tender lawyer can have many advantages for your organization, below a brief overview of the most important advantages of legal tender advice:

  • Less legal risks

    through the efforts of our experienced lawyers

  • Less time, effort and frustration

    by our experienced lawyers

  • Independent legal

    and thorough advice

  • Reliable and professional support

In addition to providing procurement advice and guidance, we can also carry out the entire tender procedure from A to Z for your organization.

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