Design Thinking

Do you have an issue where no standard solution is available? Learn how to work as an architect, start with a rough sketch based on the wishes of your stakeholders, test and refine the solution along the way until you have found the most suitable solution. Whether it concerns finding a way out of a complex situation, renewing your processes or developing a completely new product. We are happy to help you find the right solution with the help of design thinking. What distinguishes us? We continue until it really works, ask the right questions and let this method work for you in a pragmatic way.

Design thinking is not based on problems but on the creation and testing of solutions. It is particularly suitable for situations where no known solution is available. Design Thinking is a way of thinking and a way of working and is focused on devising and testing solutions (as opposed to analyzing that is focused on finding causes and deciding that is aimed at choosing). Design thinking is based on learning through creation: we learn what we want to make by doing it in the process.

Work as an architect (from rough sketch to the smallest details). We offer concrete tools for organizing design thinking within your organization, department or team. This starts by choosing a frame or frame, within that frame you will experiment and reflect on the results. This allows you to create insights that you then use for new experiments. In this way you get an increasingly better picture of the best fitting solution.

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