The Top 5 Best Studies of 2020

Every year at Supply Value we carry out various surveys. We use our knowledge, expertise and network to investigate concrete and current problems in the market, in order to provide the market with new knowledge. On this page you will see an overview of our 5 best studies from 2020. These can all be downloaded free of charge and without obligation.

In 2021 you can expect many more studies from us related to various themes. Think of themes such as sustainability, collaboration, innovation, healthcare and mobility. An example is the study on Predictive Maintenance, which will be published in early 2021 under the title Maintenance Management Optimization by Asset Categorization.

Of course we are also open to requests. Do you have a problem or challenge that you would like to explore with us? Please contact us to discuss the possibilities for an investigation!

1. The Purchasing Trends Survey 2021

2. The IT Trends Survey 2020

3. Involve suppliers at an early stage in ICT tenders within the public domain

4. Dashboards more effective through storytelling

5. Supply Value E-procurement Market Research Report 2020

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