The usefulness and necessity of a purchasing performance measurement

Buyers-cafe interviewed consultant Marno van Houten about the usefulness and necessity of a good one purchasing performance measurement. According to Van Houten, management can see exactly how the purchasing department performs. In addition, the information from a performance measurement is input for targeted improvement and optimization processes.

Starting line for purchasing through performance measurement (Buyers-cafe)

Companies are still using the purchase performance measurement far too little as an indicator for their purchasing function. A missed opportunity? Marno van Houten (Supply Value) thinks so. "Managers need more than just a good story." A purchasing performance measurement measures the performance of the purchasing department according to the most important stakeholders: the internal customers, employees, management and suppliers why would you do this as a company? Marno van Houten, consultant of Supply Value, still sees a lot of restraint in organizations to apply this methodology. "The purchasing performance measurement is not yet embedded in the thinking of many companies", says Van Houten. "That is unfortunate, because a lot has been written about it in the professional literature and the need for such a measurement seems clear to me."

Need for insight

Van Houten often uses the measurement as a means to make (changing) organizations manageable within their (changing) environment. Often there is a need at management level, where one experiences a lack of insight into performance. "The purchasing performance measurement creates a starting line, a starting point", says Van Houten ... ..       Do you want to read the entire article? Then click here.

More information?

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