Contract management maturity quick scan

Would you like to know how mature your organization is in the field of contract management? And do you want to know what improvement opportunities there are for your organization to grow in contract management maturity? Fill in the survey of the Supply Value contract management maturity quick scan free of charge and receive an advisory report!

Contract management maturity model
The visual representation above shows the Contract Management Maturity Model by Garret and Rendon (2005). Supply Value has based its own approach on this model. This model consists of five levels that indicate the degree of professionalism of contract management within the current organization. The purpose of this model is to map out the improvement potential in a clear manner and offers tools with structured and concrete improvement actions. The five levels must be completed in sequential order. This means that an organization cannot reach the next level until all requirements from the previous level have been met.
With requirements, Supply Value here refers to the four pillars that together form a complete picture of the degree of professionalism of contract management. The following pillars are distinguished by Supply Value:

• Policy – This concerns both the reason for and the written rules and procedures themselves that an organization has with regard to contract management;
• Processes – These are all drawn up or written out processes with regard to contract management;
• People & organization – This relates to how contract management is positioned within the organization and how tasks and responsibilities are assigned;
 Information & tooling – These are all tools that the organization uses within the contract management process.

quick scan
In order to determine how mature your organization is in the field of contract management, we ask you two questions per pillar in the survey. After you have answered all questions, you will receive an advisory report from us. In this advisory report, Supply Value gives you advice per pillar that you can use to professionalize your contract management. Your current maturity level per pillar forms the basis for this advice.

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