Case: Performance management in IT organizations

More and more organizations want to get started with IT. Reasons for digitizing include process improvement, improved competitiveness and making the organization scalable (Salesforce, 2019). However, many of these goals can only be achieved if performance management is properly set up so that your processes and people match the set goals. Based on our Performance Management expertise, we help our customers in the field of performance management. This time we would like to take you through the lessons learned by two consultants from Supply Value when setting up performance management in IT organizations.

In this case description, two of our consultants shed light on how performance management works best within an IT organization. The IT organization within a company or organization is responsible for ensuring that IT contributes optimally to the success of the company. They do this on the basis of their own experience which they have gained with recent clients. One consultant was involved in supporting and guiding a project for the implementation of a new IT system for the primary process. He was involved in the workshops on the design of the IT system up to the coordination and planning of the conversion migration to the new system. The other consultant was involved in changing the IT organization, whereby part of the IT tasks were outsourced and the current organization had to be transformed into a management organization.


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