Case: tender in 10 days with the Hague Procurement Cooperation

We recently published a tender within 10 days, together with the Hague Purchasing Cooperation (HIS) and the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport (VWS). Writing a tender is a process that often takes months due to the involvement of people from different parts of the organization and time between meetings that often takes a long time. This leads to people waiting for each other, documents being lost or even steps that have already been completed have to be performed again. We have now proven several times that it is possible to complete this process within ten days. Curious how we did this? Read our case description below.

In this case description you can read how we at the HIS delivered all the necessary decisions and documents needed to publish a tender within 10 days. We used the Value Sprint for this© method, which has been developed by Supply Value itself. After a description of the context, we provide an explanation of how we have set up the process and how this has worked out in practice. We then explain how the client of the tender and the purchasing department experienced it to carry out this process in 10 days.


Curious about how a tender works in practice in 10 days? download then here entirely free the whole case.

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