Preparing for the next crisis you can’t predict

No organization can escape the ever-growing risks anymore of becoming a victim of a cyber attack. In response, many organizations invest in strengthening their security walls and in developing awareness to keep attackers outside. However, the digital presence of organizations is growing while attackers grow both in size and ingenuity, due to which it becomes more and more difficult to keep cybersecurity watertight

Due to these growing security risks, it has become necessary for organizations to think about what to do if something goes wrong. How do you determine what part of the organization is impacted? Who needs to be involved to fix the security breach? And how do you ensure that people, processes and technology are available to continue the business?

The need for a business continuity plan

A business continuity plan is the foundation of your organization’s resilience to unexpected situations. Such plans identify the critical business functions and processes and define how these will be recovered if needed. The business continuity plan also organizes the team that is involved to manage a business disruption and describes the training and testing activities necessary to execute the plan.

However, organizations often experience it as a cumbersome process to set up their business continuity plan. Projects often end up in analyses and workshops where much knowledge is shared, but where no end is reached. Focus on the essence is lost and concrete results are not obtained. And when organizations manage to make a business continuity plan, this plan becomes too comprehensive or difficult to maintain. Hence, many organizations struggle with the question how to prepare for the scenario no one hopes for, but where a clear plan is indispensable.

One-Page Business Continuity Plan

One way to come to the right foundation for your organization’s resilience to unexpected situations is with the One-Page Business Continuity Plan.

The One-Page Business Continuity Plan provides the means to create a plan for the unexpected situations that concretely defines what should be recovered in which way by people that are provided with the right knowledge and skills. The One-Page Business Continuity Plan is based upon the proven concept of OGSM.

The OGSM method, consisting of Objective, Goals, Strategies and Measures, writes down the business continuity plan based upon the long-term strategy. This business continuity plan can be translated to the different business functions and processes involved. As a result, you can see at a glance how the business continuity plan is set up. We offer you the tools to use OGSM as a SMART, action-oriented and flexible method to draw up your business continuity plan on one page.

Coming soon: One-Pager Business Continuity Plan

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