Working conditions

At Supply Value you can count on the following employment conditions:

Employment conditions Supply Value

Work with impact

We work on challenging issues for leading customers. The advice we give and implementations that we carry out are often of strategic importance to our customers.

A fun and driven team

We work with passionate professionals. All our consultants have WO work and thinking level and go for maximum results. All our consultants have the following qualities

  • Drive: We have energy and passion for the profession;
  • Think: We are sharp and objective;
  • Support: We move others;
  • Act: We focus on goals and quickly move on to action;
  • Sustainable results: We realize positive and lasting impact.

In addition to work, we regularly go out together, play games, play sports or get started for a good cause.

Space for development

Another important employment condition is that we spend 10% of our time developing ourselves and the organisation. This keeps us sharp and ensures that we can always advise our clients based on the latest insights and innovative propositions. Every employee has a personal development plan containing development and result agreements. Each month you discuss your results and development with your manager. Every 6 weeks we have a ShareValue evening where we share the latest insights from both theory and practice and have a bite to eat.

Good salary

Our salaries are market conform for the consultancy industry. In addition to a fixed salary and vacation allowance, we also offer you variable remuneration based on your results and we contribute to your pension.


We think it is important that you also have enough time for relaxation. That is why we offer you 25 holidays in our terms of employment. In addition, you get 1 day for every 6 months that you are not ill. You also have the possibility to buy extra days.


To ensure that you stay fit, we offer you a company fitness plan and we regularly exercise with colleagues.

Excellent tools

As a Supply Value employee, you will have access to a smartphone (Apple or Samsung), an excellent laptop equipped with the necessary software. After all, good technology is an important requirement for our work.

Making a social impact

We also pay attention to our social impact in our terms of employment. We spend 1% of our time and 1% of our profit on supporting charities. We do this in 3 ways:

  1. Using our expertise for good causes that benefit from it;
  2. Sponsoring employees who play sports for a good cause;
  3. Helping charities with practical tasks, from laying out gardens to painting community centres and improving petting zoos in the region.

Social activities

Every month and when there is something special to celebrate, we have a Friday afternoon drink at the office. In addition, we regularly organize activities such as BBQ's, sports day and a night away.

We share our core values and work from a clear one mission, vision and strategy.