Joint forecasting process

Increasing availability to customers while your inventories remain limited is only possible when the expected demand is as predictable as possible. The predictability of demand can be greatly increased by allowing as many parties as possible to reflect on this together and with a fixed structure. We can help you to set up the joint forecasting process and bring the required parties together.

Why joint forecasting?

  • Increase delivery rate to the customer with limited investment in stock.
  • Increase cooperation in the chain.

Our approach

In our approach we distinguish the following steps:

  • Analysis: in which we investigate how your forecasting process is now set up, which information sources are used, which functions are involved, which restrictions you are currently faced with and where improvement is possible.
  • Action plan: in a detailed plan we indicate how the forecast process can be changed, who should be involved in order to achieve an optimal result.
  • Implementation: By consensus on the plan of action, we help to implement it.
  • Evaluation: It is our mission to add value to you. After the implementation, we review with you whether the result of the efforts meets the previously agreed expectations.

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