EDI implementation

There are many different EDI messages, the most used of which are the messages that are related to the orders and invoices to your suppliers or customers. Where these streams used to be handled manually by mail, fax or e-mail, this is done automatically at EDI via the computer systems. With an EDI implementation, we can help you implement these EDI messages and connecting the various functions in your organization that is needed for this.

Why EDI implementation?

  • Speed: Messages are sent at high speed and the information is immediately available in systems that can shorten the lead time of articles.
  • Higher accuracy: By eliminating human action, the chance of error is greatly reduced.
  • Reducing costs: Less human activities automatically means less overhead. This is reinforced by the lower error rate, which means fewer actions are needed to correct errors.

For who?

All small, medium and large organizations that believe in the benefits of EDI and want to get started.

How do we handle EDI implementation?

In our approach we distinguish the following steps:

  • Analysis: we start by researching your wishes and in which ways EDI can offer a solution. Often different scenarios are possible.
  • Action plan: we describe how, under which conditions and in which scenarios EDI messages can be implemented and what the corresponding costs are.
  • Implementation: By consensus on the plan of action, we help to implement it.
  • Evaluation: It is our mission to add value to you. After the implementation, we review with you whether the result meets the previously agreed expectations.

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