Matching supply chain structure to your business strategy

Determining your supply chain design starts with your business strategy, which indicates what your right to exist is in the market. Supply Value can guide the process in which your supply chain objectives are clearly defined and tailored to your business strategy. We can then translate these supply chain objectives into a tailor-made design of your supply chain. We focus on the organizational structure, the logistics structure, the control and the information provision.

Why align the Supply Chain structure to your business strategy?

  • Internal and external supply chain objectives are often conflicting. High service to the customer is nice, but often requires higher internal costs. We help you to make the right assessments, in which investments are made in those products that are important for your proposition to the customer.
  • The optimal supply chain performance to your customers is only possible if the efforts of the various departments in your organization are geared to this. We help you to make the translation to all departments from your strategy.

For who?

All small, medium and large organizations that suffer from conflicting goals in their daily operations and want to make an optimization.

How do we deal with this?

In our approach we distinguish the following steps:

  • Analysis: in which we examine how your supply chain is now organized, what position you would like to take in the Supply Chain area and where and why this does not always work.
  • Action plan: In a detailed plan we describe with you how your business strategy can be translated into an optimal organization of your supply chain, whereby the limitations we have established during the analysis are solved and your position in the market is strengthened.
  • Implementation: By consensus on the plan of action, we help to implement it.
  • Evaluation: It is our mission to add value to you. After the implementation, we review with you whether the result meets the previously agreed expectations.

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