Spend analysis

What am I spending the most money on? Which groups of suppliers earn the most from me? How do the expenses of different business units relate to each other? What is the difference in expenses compared to last year? Who are my biggest suppliers? You will receive the answer to these and other questions by carrying out a procurement expenditure (spend) analysis.

Research into procurement expenditure in each procurement category

Supply Value is happy to help you with a Spend Analysis. Our approach is pragmatic: analyze no more than what you can manage and connect conclusions and concrete improvement actions to the analyzed data.

With the Spend Analysis you can:

  • Gain insight into expenses;
  • Identify improvement points;
  • Reduce costs per product: through, among other things, improvement of the negotiating position;
  • Volume discounts and price awareness;
  • Decrease demand for products: by removing, reducing demand and / or encouraging use of substitute consumption;
  • Reducing risks: by better managing your most important suppliers;
  • Formulate specific (procurement) objectives and strategies;
  • Make results measurable.

Our consultants do not stop at merely presenting a spend analysis, but focus primarily on interpreting the outcomes and discovering specific opportunities for your organization. With this method you know exactly what you need to do to take advantage of these opportunities and what the expected returns will be.

Required effort of your organization

For the successful execution of a spend analysis by Supply Value, your organization must also make an effort. In every phase of the process, the findings are discussed with your organization. Below is a brief overview that provides insight into the required effort of your organization:

  • Alignment of expectations;
  • Providing the financial data in a correct format;
  • Support with organizing and understanding the data;
  • Discussing key identified opportunities and possible goals;
  • Coordinate the implementation;
  • Feedback on the work delivered.

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