Project & Change Management

More and more organizations are working towards constant improvement - and thus change. As a result, change management is gaining more and more ground. This focus on the 'soft' human side of the process, while maintaining focus on the goals, is of great importance for safeguarding within the organization and existing processes. Targeted actions and an organizational strategy can increase the chance of success. Project management is an extension of change management. Because everything starts from a need to change, projects, programs and portfolios often arise from this. Agreeing roles and responsibilities, aligning internal and external expectations, securing the delivered product within the organization: there are many pitfalls on the way to a successful project conclusion. The modern project manager knows better than anyone how to mobilize a team in order to achieve results together. He or she knows how to involve stakeholders and make a thorough assessment of the interests and the goal. In addition, the lightning-fast developments in the digital field have led to different working methods within project management: methods based on agile, for example, are now indispensable.

Supply Value is happy to help you through projects and changes. We provide interim portfolio, program and project managers at junior, medior and senior levels who have experience with various project and change methodologies. Supply Value also provides support positions, such as (project) secretaries, PMOs and portfolio managers.

  • Project and programme management

    What makes a Supply Value project manager unique, besides the drive and sensitivity, is the access to the large internal knowledge base with tools and methods. Our interim managers are trained in different methodologies, both based on waterfall methods such as PRINCE2, MSP, PMW, PMBOK (IPMA) and more agile methods such as SAFe, SCRUM, RUP, DSDM.

    Our interim managers can switch on a strategic, tactical and operational level and take their environment into account in the change. Supply Value sees cooperation in/between projects and organizations as a path to success. Our project managers pay explicit attention to this and believe that results that are unattainable for an individual are surpassed if you work together. Each from his own strength, with a focus on a common goal.

    Supply Value has a proven track record in providing reliable and proactive Project Management Officers. They can be used in several areas. For example, they have experience in leading or supporting meetings and meetings and they are perfectly capable of preparing choices and reports. They also like to think along about improving existing situations and processes, making them a full-fledged sparring partner for both project manager and management. Ultimately, they grow into project managers at junior, medior and senior levels.

  • portfolio management

    Supply Value brings expertise in the field of configuration issues for project portfolios. With this knowledge Supply Value supports individual organizations or organizational units in setting up an optimally functioning portfolio and connection to the primary processes. By using a transparent approach, projects, programs and their results are made visible, after which a thorough, sustainable and clear advice follows towards the organization. The long-term objectives of the organisation are the starting point for this. In this way, portfolio managers or boards can make supported decisions and the input of our professionals contributes directly to the growth of the organisation.

  • Guiding changes

    Supply Value accompanies both classic (waterfall) and more organic changes. Our change managers analyze which approach an organization needs the most and set up the process together with the organization. The change managers use various methods and techniques (such as environmental analysis) to determine the form of change. In determining the form, attention is paid to the employees, the culture, the strategy, the objective and the problem definition that characterize an organization. In this way, a clearly defined problem can be tackled well with a classic change, but in an unclear situation an organic change can be more meaningful. The starting point is the sustainable change of the organization, in which the support of the employees by creating a shared ambition is central.

    Supply Value delivers implementation and change managers that provide support, allowing you to achieve your business objectives. Whether it concerns your suppliers, management, employees, the Works Council, trade unions or shareholders, we are happy to help you set up and implement an appropriate change strategy. In addition, Supply Value employs consultants with more than 20 years of experience in the field. We use practical models such as ADKAR, Kotter, the color theory and Lewin.

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