Supply Value primarily focuses on strategic advice with its advisory branch. We ensure that your procurement strategy and policy effectively express your organizational strategy and that your purchasing function is anchored in your organization. We help you to draw up and implement procurement processes so that your organization gains insight into the purchasing and functioning of the procurement function. In addition, we help procurement to improve cooperation with the chain partners.

  • Anchoring procurement

    Procurement organization
    Supply Value helps organizations effectively organize their purchasing function in line with their primary processes, their size and culture. We ensure that tasks, responsibilities and powers are unambiguously organized, procurement procedures are followed, and purchasing processes are arranged 'lean'.

    Procurement strategy
    We are happy to help you with the strategic choice of which parts of your activities you carry out yourself or outsource (make-or buy decision). Supply Value creates a solid business case with your input so that you can make these kinds of decisions with confidence. Our experts have extensive knowledge of the market so that no variable is overlooked.

  • Procurement process

    Our vision on the procurement process is that optimal value creation can be achieved by optimizing the categories Category management, Source-to-contract, Contract management, Purchase-to-pay and Evaluation:

    • Category management: By subdividing your purchases into categories, you can better respond to specific characteristics of the supplier market for that category and set out a plan with which you can improve the added value of the products and / or services in that category. Supply Value helps you determine your short-term and long-term strategy for your purchase category and record it in a category plan. We show you where you can save and what actions are needed to realize your vision on the long term.
    • Source-to-contract: We help you with the translation of the category plan into a sourcing strategy and with the purchasing of concrete products and services.
    • Contract management:  We help you to set up an optimal contract administration and carry out contract and supplier management, so that the suppliers deliver what you have purchased.
    • Purchase-to-pay: We are happy to help you set up a user-friendly and well-functioning Purchase-to-pay process.
    • Evaluation: We also believe in the continuous monitoring of the procurement process. Are the targets of the category strategies met or is adjustment needed? But also, how does the procurement process function and are procedures followed?
  • Support procurement

    Finally, Supply Value provides effective support for your procurement function:

    • Personnel Management: In the field of HR, we advise and help you to describe job profiles, examine capacities and competency tests of candidates and provide training and coaching to your procurement staff.
    • Supplier management: When it comes to managing your suppliers, it is important that this is in line with the category strategy. Supply Value supports your employees in managing that relationship and, if necessary, developing partnerships.
    • E-Procurement: In addition, we are happy to help you with strategy, business case, purchasing and implementing a digital order and invoicing solution with which you can offer your internal customer a lot of convenience, ensure firm compliance with your procedures and create insight into your purchases.
    • Best practices and information: In addition, Supply Value is proud of the many own research that we do and the best practices that deliver it. In addition to these best practices, we have formats that allow us to save up to 80% of time in executing your procurement processes.

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