Increase customer satisfaction

Supply Chain optimization is aimed at improving your logistics performance to your customers. It is therefore very useful to measure your performance to your customers and to develop a targeted approach to those elements in your logistics chain that disrupt your customers' performance and thus disrupt customer satisfaction. 

We can help you design this measuring system. In this way you can not only track your performance to your customers, but also identify where in the chain the disruptions take place and who is responsible for the correct execution of these activities. We translate the results of this analysis into a structural approach to solve these disruptions and thereby increase your customer satisfaction.

Our approach is applicable both in a shopping environment (reducing empty shelves), in online sales (articles on the website not available), or in deliveries to business customers (reduction 0 deliveries).

Why focus on the availability with the customers?

The unavailability of articles has been the number 1 annoyance of customers for years and an important reason to switch to another party in the market. By working with the customer directly on your performance, you immediately increase your customer satisfaction and thus their loyalty.

Our approach

In our approach we distinguish the following steps:

  • Analysis: in which we investigate which approach you now have to measure the performance to your customers and to solve disruptions, against which shortcomings you are currently running and what the desired situation is.
  • Action plan: in a detailed plan we indicate how customer performance can be improved and who should be involved.
  • Implementation: By consensus on the plan of action, we help to implement it.
  • Evaluation: It is our mission to add value to you. After the implementation, we review with you whether the result meets the previously agreed expectations.

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