Supplier research

Curious about the opinion of your suppliers? Their vision on how you can reduce risks and costs? And their tips for increasing your sales and profits, innovation opportunities and improving your service? Then the Supply Value supplier survey is something for your organization.

Identify and take advantage of your opportunities!

The supplier research is a study of the strengths and weaknesses of your organization and opportunities and threats in your market according to your suppliers. This research is conducted via the Internet and consists of a set of standard questions that can be adapted to your wishes. Afterwards you will receive a clear analysis of the results and recommendations in the form of concrete improvement tips for your organization.

Why the supplier research?

  • Concrete recommendations

    and improvement tips from your suppliers

  • Insight into strengths and weaknesses

    your organization

  • Insight into suppliers

    view where the supplier can strengthen you

  • Affordable

    through the use of standard questions

  • Insight into opportunities and threats

    for your organization

  • Can be used directly

    The research can be carried out in your own house style

For who?

The research is intended for medium-sized and large organizations that are or want to work professionally with purchasing and supply management.

How do we carry out the research?

  • Intake: we make an appointment, discuss your wishes and expectations and come up with a proposal;
  • Preparation: we draw up the questionnaire and identify invited suppliers and implement your corporate identity (optional);
  • Performance: we carry out the survey and monitor the progress;
  • Analysis: we analyze the results and present you concrete recommendations in a clear report
  • Follow-up steps: we explain the report and determine the next steps in consultation.

View a fictional example here:

Customer assessment supplier survey

Mastervolt, part of Actuant, is an internationally recognized A-brand and supplies products for power supply for various markets. Supply Value has conducted a supplier survey among the most important suppliers.

The aim of this study was to deepen the partnerships with their suppliers and to identify which opportunities and threats the suppliers see for their customers. The response from the Sourcing Manager to the Supply Value process was:

"Firstly, the compliments for a well-written report. The layout is clear and everything is briefly summarized. Secondly: We discussed and evaluated the outcomes within Mastervolt. This was a worthwhile exercise in itself and it follows that we immediately get started with two recommendations. In addition, based on the research results, we start an intensive process with two of our partners to get more out of our cooperation from both sides. "

Are you interested in the supplier survey or do you want to know more about it? Contact us without any obligation.