Supplier management

An optimal value for the customer is only possible with the right selection and cooperation with suppliers. Supply Value can help you determine the right supplier strategy, but also the process to improve the performance of suppliers.

Why supplier management?

Suppliers who do not meet your expectations often lead to extra costs, disruptions in your process or, in the worst case, a reduced performance to your customer.

We have the knowledge to turn your relationship with the suppliers into a growth model in which they support your strategy. Important elements in our approach are the contract with the supplier, measurements of their performance and the structure of the organization that works with the suppliers. With the right approach, the service to your customers can be quickly improved and your costs can be significantly reduced.

Our approach

In our approach we distinguish the following steps:

  • Analysis: in which we examine how supplier management in your organization is now organized, what relationship you would like to have with your suppliers, where and why this is not always successful and what the consequences and costs are.
  • Action plan: in a detailed plan we indicate the total approach which the cooperation with the suppliers can be improved and what the conditions are for this.
  • Implementation: By consensus on the plan of action, we help you implement it at your strategic suppliers for a predetermined period.
  • Evaluation: It is our mission to add value to you. After the implementation, we review with you whether the result of these efforts meets the previously agreed expectations.

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