Procurement maturity survey

Are you curious about how professional your purchasing organization is? Do you want to know which concrete steps you need to take to improve your purchasing activities? Then a purchase maturity survey is something for your organization.

MSU Procurement maturity

To perform a procurement maturity study, Supply Value uses the Michigan State University (MSU) procurement model. With the MSU model we can determine the maturity level of the procurement function within your organization. The MSU model is an integral framework of eight main processes in the field of procurement management and strategic relations and six supporting processes. By conducting interviews with various stakeholders (employees) of your organization, all processes are assessed.

For each of the fourteen processes, assessment criteria have been developed and maturity levels have been described. The lowest maturity level is 0, the highest maturity level is 10. Using these assessment criteria, we can score your organization and make a comparison with the so-called 'best in class' for that process.

If the MSU purchasing model has already been applied in your industry in the past, we can use the benchmark data to determine where your procurement organization stands compared to other companies in your market.

One process is more important for a company than the other. This also differs in time. Together we can determine which of the 14 processes are most important for your organization and which level of maturity you want to achieve. Based on the results, we will make specific improvement proposals to increase your procurement maturity and achieve sustainable procurement results.

Our procurement consultants

Our interim procurement professionals are passionate professionals with a background in business administration, economics and / or ICT and additional procurement training. We use both traditional and new methods and insights. In addition, we have a large number of templates and tools available that can help with the execution and analysis of your procurement issue. Besides procurement advice, our procurement consultants can also be used as interim procurement professional.

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