Information management & digital

Computerization and automation are becoming increasingly important in our society. Decisions are increasingly taken and executed (by robots) on the basis of big data, which is collected through a network of sensors also known as the internet of things (IOT). Parallel to these lightning fast developments, digital security is becoming an increasingly important theme. Companies and government organizations are increasingly becoming victims of attacks from inside and outside the organization and the country. The robustness and safety of the IT organization and its systems and information flows must therefore be better controlled and continually improved.

Supply Value is happy to help you solve your information management issues. This can be done through an intensive scan, setting up and running a complete professionalization program, or, for example, making an interim information management specialist available. Our approach and solutions are always focused on creating sustainable impact in line with your objectives.

  • Digital strategy and governance

    Translate your organization goals into a digital vision and strategy? Organize your information management processes and organization based on best practices with which you can create maximum value for your business? Setting up your IM organization in such a way that you can provide reliable value and still be able to respond to the latest developments? We are happy to help you set up or review your digital strategy, translate it into a concrete action plan and set up the right governance to achieve your goals. We apply proven models and methods such as COBIT and CMM.

    We are also happy to help you with specific challenges in governance. For example by realizing and stimulating cooperation in the chain by setting up (Bus) DevOps teams, or by boosting efficiency and flexibility by implementing lean, agile and scrum work.

    The shift to a management organization in which the non-company-specific activities are outsourced is becoming more and more current for more and more organizations. This change often has a major impact on an organization and its employees. We are happy to help you with the concept and the - with support - realization of this shift.

  • Architecture

    The world around us is constantly changing. Responding to those changes is crucial for the success of your organization. But how do you ensure timely and correct implementation of all these changes? Our architects help you gain insight into your portfolio in business, information and technology. In doing so, we create an integral picture, reduce complexity and help you to become more agile. In this way we help the information flows and IM processes within your entire organization to run smoothly, and continuously improve.

    Our architects frequently use The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF), the Zachman Framework for Enterprise Architecture and mostly model in Archimate or Unified Modeling Language (UML).

  • Design and analysis

    We are happy to help you implement the latest developments in the field of data (analysis). Do you want to know or know whether blockchain can add value for you? Are you interested in interactive (KPI) dashboards? Or do you want to use process mining, for example, to streamline processes, make them lean and mean and automate extensively? Our experts help you to draw up the (non-)functional specifications, from process design to data model and complete functional design.

    Our analysts and designers often use the Unified Modeling Language (UML) and wireframes for their designs and use tools such as MS Visio, Enterprise Architect, Bizzdesign or ARIS.

  • Improve data-driven

    Nowadays, every organization collects large amounts of data via systems, websites, surveys or production lines. This data can be very valuable to gain insight into your organisation, working methods and processes. If you have insight into your business operations, you can specifically identify possible improvements, implement them and assess their impact. We help organizations to prepare, implement and evaluate data-driven improvements.

    Our approach

    Our services
    A data-driven organization has measurable objectives, strives for the highest data quality, makes decisions based on data instead of feeling, and continuously improves data-driven. Together with you, we look for what your data can achieve for your organization.

    We can help you with:
    • Determine where your organization stands in the introduction of data-driven work;
    • Understand the potential of your data;
    • Develop methods to make data-driven decisions;
    • Setting up and implementing complex models;
    • Developing the necessary skills in your own organization.

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