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We are experts in Performance management, Procurement, Supply Chain management, Information management & Digital and Project & Change management.

How can we help you?

Do you need help in drawing up and concretizing your mission, vision and strategy? Our performance managementexperts help you with translating a strategy into sustainable results. We do this as fast as possible, at minimal cost and risk and supported by and together with your employees and chain partners. No big reports but practical outcomes, we are happy to help you. We can work on a strategic, tactical and operational level and create support and acceptance in your organization.

Would you like help in professionalizing your procurment policy, organization and processes? Our procurementexperts ensure that your procurement strategy and policy effectively express your organizational strategy and that your procurement function is anchored in your organization. We help you to set up and implement procurement processes so your organization gains insight into its purchases and functioning of the procurement function. In addition, we help to improve cooperation with the chain partners.

Do you need help improving, renewing and innovating your supply chain? Our supply chain managementexperts help you to design the supply chain strategy. We optimize the entire chain for you data-driven, from purchasing or production to the customer. Including all intermediate links and the transports between and within those links.

Would you like help setting up and implementing project, program and portfolio management? Our project & change managementexperts are happy to help you with projects and changes. We provide interim portfolio, program and project managers at junior, medior and senior level who have experience with various project and change methodologies. Supply Value also provides support positions, such as (project) secretaries, PMOs and portfolio managers.

Do you need help with setting up the correct information provision and the transformation to digital business models? Our informatiemanagement & digitalexperts are happy to help you solve your information management issues. This can be done through an intensive scan, setting up and running a complete professionalization program, or, for example, making an interim information management specialist available. Our approach and solutions are always focused on creating sustainable impact in line with your objectives.

Our experts

Sander van der Laan

Managing Director

Sander van der Laan has been helping companies with challenges for operational excellence, change and project management and innovation for over 10 years. Sander has done this in various sectors including Telecom, IT, Automotive, Supply Chain, Postal services and the National Government.

Gert van Beek

Managing Consultant Procurement

Gert has gained more than 30 years of experience in procurement and supply chain management in both the private and public sector. Gert has acquired this experience at multinationals such as RELX (the former Reed Elsevier), Philips and AT & T. In addition, Gert has also been successful at small organizations and as a consultant at the NIC. Gert enjoys sharing his experiences with others. Work together, stronger together is his adage!

Geerten Peek

Senior Consultant Digital

Geerten is happy to help customers undergo a (digital) transformation, in which the creation of support for the change from management level to operation has his full attention. A successful transformation is mainly about doing: experimenting, quickly figuring out what works and what doesn't, and in this way becoming agile as an organization.

Ramon Abbenhuis

Ramon Abbenhuis

Managing Consultant Procurement

Ramon has over 9 years of experience in procurement, project and change management, with the following specialties:
✓Carrying out (European) tenders: with a focus on IT: (standard) software and hardware;
✓ (European) procurement law and contract law;
✓ Implementation and improvement of procurement and contract management processes including strategy, package selection and implementation of e-procurement systems and e-invoicing solutions.

Ramon is deployable as a procurement agent, procurement advisor, project manager and e-procurement implementation consultant within the fields of IT, Supply Chain Management and Procurement.

Renée van Poppel

Senior Consultant Project & Change

Renée has fulfilled various roles at large (semi-) government organizations as a (strategic and tactical) advisor, project manager and process consultant. She has specialized in setting up enterprise portfolio management and as a business consultant focused on change management in IT organizations. In doing so, she ensures that there is sufficient flexibility to work agile, but at the same time securing that the organization is steady enough to realize the strategy. By guiding stakeholders in drawing up their goals, she ensures that the organization has common goals and puts its weight behind them together.