By purchasing electronically you make your purchasing process more efficient and transparent. A saving of € 30 per order on handling costs is the rule rather than the exception. You can also send your organization via the purchasing system towards the use of framework contracts. 'Maverick buying', purchasing outside contracts, decreases as a result of which you gain insight into who, what, when, from whom.

Our approach to electronic purchasing

Selecting and implementing applications that enable electronic purchasing is one of our specialties. In this area Supply Value has experience with the largest organizations in the Netherlands in profit (food and utilities) and non-profit (government). Based on your objectives, the environment and benchmark data, we select the most suitable solution with you. Here we look not only at the importance of purchasing but at the importance of the total company.

A thorough change management approach is part of all our implementations. By informing, engaging and convincing your people in a timely manner that the solution works, we ensure a guaranteed result within the budget and within the agreed period.

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