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Performance management is a continuous process of the identifying, measuring and developing the performance of individuals and teams and aligning the performance with the strategic goals of the organization. It involves a process that never ends with setting goals, observing performance, and giving and receiving ongoing coaching and feedback. Are you interested in how your organization scores in achieving goals and executing strategy? Leave your details in the form below. Gain insight into where you stand as an organization, how you relate to your direct competition with benchmarking and receive tailor-made advice in which you as an organization can improve.

What is performance management?
Performance Mmanagement requires managers to ensure that activities and outputs of employees align with the objectives of the organization and also help the organization achieve a competitive advantage. To gain insight into the Performance Management of companies, Supply Value has developed an automated advisory report. This report looks at the relationship between goals, processes and the organization. The report helps organizations to see where the pain points are in achieving goals and executing the strategy. In addition, it provides a number of handles to get started. To successfully implement a strategy, it is important that the goals, processes and organizational structure of an organization are well aligned. Structuring these aspects within an organization ensures that all employees are familiar with the overarching strategy and objectives, but also how their activities related to it. By consciously working on the link between goals, processes and organizational structure, an organization is set up as effectively and efficiently as possible. 

Performance Management

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Are you interested in testing your organization, comparing your performance with your direct competition through benchmarking and receiving tailor-made advice? Please leave your details in the form below.

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About the automatic advice report

Supply Value has the vision to create an automatic, company-specific advisory report where organizations can measure their performance and compare it with their direct competition through benchmarking. This advisory report is housed in the Digital Consulting Platform.