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Are you curious about how professional your purchasing organization is? Would you like to know which concrete steps you can take to improve your purchasing activities? to improve? Then our purchasing maturity is quick scan, based on the worldwide most applied MSU purchasing model, something for you organization.

What is MSU Purchasing Maturity?
Based on the Michigan State University (MSU) procurement model, we have a quick scan, which immediately rolls out tailor-made advice. It MSU model is an integral framework of eight main processes in the field of purchasing management and strategic relationships and six supporting processes. Assessment criteria have been developed and maturity levels described for each of the fourteen processes. It lowest maturity level is 0, highest maturity level is 10. With the help of these assessment criteria you can fill in the our survey to score the purchasing maturity of your organization and you will receive an advisory report with concrete proposals to improve your purchasing function to professionalise. In addition, your organization is compared with the so-called 'best in class' for the processes. This way you can see how your organization scores compared to comparable organizations in your industry and where there are opportunities for improvement. Interested? Question submit your advisory report below.

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About the automatic advice report

Supply Value has the vision to create an automatic, company-specific advisory report where organizations can measure their performance and compare it with their direct competition through benchmarking. This advisory report is housed in the Digital Consulting Platform.