Quick Scan chain cooperation maturity

Supply Value is this year volop working on developing the Digital Consultationing Platform. This online platform contains various Quick Scans, which are quick and easy to fill in for any organization. Think about contract management, performance mmanagement, and effective meetings. The Quick Scan kfood collaboration vold age shall the next addition to this platform. By completing this Quick Scan you will know within a few minutes at what maturity level your organization is in the field of chain collaboration. In addition, the Digital Consultationing Platform you after filling in an automatically generated advice report, with concrete points that your organization can pick up to on a higher maturity level and thus improve cooperation in your chain. 

The Quick Scan is currently still under development. Are you interestedd in this Quick Scan? Reportt then recommend it below the pre-registration. We'll keep you then informed of the latest developments in the field of chain cooperation and from our Quick Scan.


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