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Supply Value annually examines the most important trends within the purchasing field. Trends that can help procurement professionals prioritize. Contract management is consistently in the top 5 of the annual purchasing trends survey. Successful contract management can be regarded as one of the critical success factors within organizations for achieving its objectives. Are you interested in where your organization stands in the maturity of its contract management? Do you have the right contract management skills to embed this within your purchasing process? Leave your details. Gain insight into your contract management, see how you compare to your direct competition with benchmarking and receive tailor-made advice.

What is contract management?
Relationship and performance management are important aspects in the cooperation between the internal organization and the external suppliers. Cooperation is laid down in contracts. It is therefore important to embed contract management within the purchasing process of an organization. A first step in this direction is to gain insight into the maturity in your organization. Supply Value has developed a quick scan and advice tool for this, based on which you can quickly and easily gain insight into where your organization stands with regard to contract management and which steps you can take to take contract management to a higher level.

contract management

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About the automatic advice report

Supply Value has the vision to create an automatic, company-specific advisory report where organizations can measure their performance and compare it with their direct competition through benchmarking. This advisory report is housed in the Digital Consulting Platform.