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Are you curious whether RPA is something for your organization? We have developed a tool that gives you quick and easy insight into the complexity and benefits of RPA for your business process. In addition, you will receive appropriate advice about the next steps you could take to take. Became curious? Then fill in our questionnaire and receive our free advice report immediately. 

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
By means of robotic Process Automation (RPA) can mimic human actions within software applications without affecting the software itself has to be adapted for this. The employee is supported because repetitive tasks are taken off your hands by a script with multifunctional macros based on rules. So there is talk of a 'software robot' that logs in to a system and performs the processing of the mouse and keyboard. In general, therefore, RPA is especially suitable for high-volume processes with a repetitive character. Think, for example, of recurring administrative actions or the retyping of data between two different IT systems. The robot can act completely in the background or under the control of an employee.

We see that RPA is being used in more and more sectors because of the broad applicability and accessibility of the technology. On the other hand, we also see that organizations find it difficult to estimate whether a business process is suitable for the application of RPA. to die That is why we have developed this questionnaire, in which we explain the complexity and benefits of automating your in sixteen questions assess business process. The scores are processed into an advisory report focused on your chosen process. You can read it in the advisory report result of your answers to the questions with appropriate advice from our side. We hope this gives you direction to do the right thing decide on the implementation of RPA. 

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About the automatic advice report

Supply Value has the vision to create an automatic, company-specific advisory report where organizations can measure their performance and compare it with their direct competition through benchmarking. This advisory report is housed in the Digital Consulting Platform.