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Chain collaboration

Are you curious about how well your organization scores in the field of chain collaboration? We have developed a tool that gives you quick and easy insight into how your organization is performing in the field of chain collaboration, and what you can do to improve this. In addition, you will receive appropriate advice about the next steps you could take to take. Became curious? Then fill in our questionnaire and receive our free advice report immediately. 

Chain collaboration
Consumer demand is changing. Products and services are increasingly intertwined, a trend also known as 'servitization'. In order to be able to offer customers a complete solution, organizations are forced to take the form of a network organization in which there is increasing cooperation with other organizations in the value chain. The better this collaboration is organized, the better the organizations in the chain can meet the wishes and expectations of their customers.

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About the automatic advice report

Supply Value has the vision to create an automatic, company-specific advisory report where organizations can measure their performance and compare it with their direct competition through benchmarking. This advisory report is housed in the Digital Consulting Platform.